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Saxophone/Flute/Clarinet/Piano Lessons


In over 8 years of teaching I’ve worked with many students with different goals and different entry levels. Together we work towards to develop a strong instrumental technique, building a varied repertoire and developing a deep connection to the music we’re performing.


I have worked with Saxophonists, Clarinetists, Flutists, and Pianists at a variety of levels from complete beginners to performing professionals, all of them with different interests and areas of focus. Please feel free to write me with questions about your own goals!


I also teach at the New York Jazz Academy, so please contact me if you're interested in a classroom setting. I teach a number of classes on Improvisation, Theory, and Ensemble Techniques.


-A convenient studio location in Brooklyn

-Options for extended study of theory, harmony, rhythm, improvisation and jazz music.

-Skype Lessons Available.


Please email me at


Hope to hear from you!

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